27, Destiny close,
Providence lodge,
Faith on fate Boulevard,
A place in location and allocation,
Somewhere under the endless roof.
This day and month in the year of our Lord.

Office of the Almighty,
The unseen headquarters,
The skyscraper in the very sky,
A place called heaven.


Dear God,
Trust heaven is safe. If it weren’t, I suppose the world would fall off its hinges by now. As I draw close to the term end of my exposition of letters, I reckon I would be doing immense injustice to myself and to the teeming questions on the minds of many of your sons, daughters and servants and to this end, today’s instalment will be the expression of these queries sent to nowhere-elsewhere-somewhere but here (heaven).The thoughts herein, questions forthwith and the expressions, are a plethora of voices, quizzing divinity of the thoughts that the priests and the prophets cannot answer. If you could, by signs, by wonders, by virtue of a voice and/or however other way out of the vast basket of wonder, if you could, please RSVP.
Why can’t we see you here on earth? To a curious mind, who leant God is ubiquitous from cradle, one cannot help but wonder what the skin tone, the height and the image of the hallowed divine looks like. If I could make a request rather than ask a question, it’d be to be granted that-one-great miracle of seeing God manifest face to face. Why is there a variation of god in the estates of religion? A multiplex of confusion that draws every-and-all conversation into further division, chaos and even wars. Why do you watch, on-looking the wickedness of man, the madness and the depravity of morality in the world? Why do you stay your return? Why do you tarry the swift destruction of this chaotic existence of man? If I know anything, I know the destruction of the world would be mercy, a reset before the world eats itself. Why? When shall thy kingdom come?
Why is there so much imbalance in the world? Yes it seems we are on a tense fickle rope and we just cannot discern why. The world; your creation is on a knife edge, swayed by a relentless storm that is intent on either keeping us in disequilibrium or maybe throw us off the edge and into a dark-dark pit, I suppose. Why?
Dear God, why did Bolu die? Ok maybe not Bolu, maybe some other names; Ife, Shola, Michael and the names of those we lost. Young, old, friendly and loved, family and partners, neighbors and human, why do people die? Wasn’t the living created to live, why then does a good person have to die? Why the hurt, why the pain? Why does everything sweet, everything good have to come to a bitter end, while the bad/bitter stuff lingers on the tongue? I guess if this is all evil and the devil is the crafter of evil, why do you let evil happen? Why then is the devil present everywhere on earth, everywhere you can reach, the devil can too. Why is the devil cosmopolitan?
There is a thousand questions I alone would want to ask. Questions whose answers I’d rather hear from God than the shallow, vain, textbook knowledge of the scribes, the sacrosanct and the revered or any man of whatever version of self, or the level of the sanctuary in the clouds of holiness he is. Yes, there are men revered. For holiness, for knowledge, for wealth and affluence and other virtues, while some men too are bottom of the ladder, the base of the pyramid. Why is there an inequality even in creation? We have established that, man was made only with gender variations, but there is so much to think for a man whose location, allocation and fortune makes him a pawn, while the nobles too have 1 head, 2 hands and look exactly like him. Why does fortune favor a select, why is life selectively livable for some?
If I alone, TaiwoOladele, has a thousand questions, I guess there are zillions of questions on the minds of 8 billion people all over the world. Some would never dare to ask, who dares question God? To some it is blasphemy; a religious define, to some it is rebellious to ask for light from the light of the world. Not to me, not to my friends, not to the few who knows if God gave us heads, blessed us with minds that can reason, asking is a way of glorifying the perfection of the craft of God at creation. Or what use is a brain installed in the human model of living organisms, if we cannot use it?
With this grey matter I was graced with, I have searched the content of books, sought after logic and searched the scriptures for the purpose of creation. I ask again, as it beats my understanding, Lord, what do I do to achieve the best out of life and even the afterlife? The afterlife, is there an afterlife? What happens when the eye closes in death? The mortal skin is shed, the raiment and vestures of the soul is peeled off, but then, what happens to the soul when the life is snuffed off the body? What is on the other side of existence?
The world is hard. It is exactly the definition of the hell in the holy books. The dark smokes from the fires have engulfed us and the fires burn us. How do we put an end to the destruction, the pain and the darkness that engulfs and torments us? Is there another hell safe this?
Dear God, I cannot exhaust these queries. Read me and the hearts of the very many others who seek answers. Read our hearts and show us signs of the truth different from that which is peddled on the streets of religion.
Thank you for always,
Yours in enlightenment
Signed: TaiwoOladele and friends



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