27, Destiny close,
Providence lodge,
Faith on fate Boulevard,
A place in location and allocation,
Somewhere under the endless roof.
This day and month in the year of our Lord.

Office of the Almighty,
The unseen headquarters,
The skyscraper in the very sky,
A place called heaven.


Dear God,
In my daily transaction of emotions and survival, everyday has been about revelations and realizations. You’d reckon that my previous letters have reflected this in passing references. However, I acknowledge that my finite knowledge is but a fickle, seamlessly insignificant, minuscule fraction of your abundance and wealth of all there is and all there was, my knowledge inclusive. Regardless of all that is, and all I am, and how you have seen exactly how this frail attempt at expression will read, I will still put these thoughts in words, only for my sanity’s sake.........

I have realized that we have unwittingly gobbled down different dogmas that has conceptualized the possibility of God and existence. We have followed the mystical parlance that follows religion and the inventions of law and order in the forms of a hallowed divinity and man being a creative being, have invented myriad versions of the same God fabric, cut in different styles, each stylist deeming the other styles as invalid. I have realized we have practiced a loyalty, a fealty to family, to society and to the designs of religion while defeating even the very dictates of the religions however invented they were. One thing I can say emphatically and mostly because I can express my thoughts with no recompense is, there is God, not according to any and all of the human dictates, but there is a God, somewhere, anywhere in the vastness of time, what and how He does what He does is totally His own knowing.
Right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, goodness and evil; all are according to the manly defines and comparative boundaries drawn from the trenches of the imagination of man. To rule the affairs of men, a government is needed, but the government becomes so powerful and the people grew restless and then a breakdown of life and order as is the dictates of the human bounds, the need to create something bigger, something ubiquitous, cosmopolitan and dreadful, something with a fury and a fiery wrath that can destroy became inherent and ushered the creation of a heaven and hell, that when a man is deemed good by the dictates of the invention of goodness according to the wills of “God” he inherits from the paradisiacal luxuries of the children, sons or servants of God and a man deemed evil by the same design, is exiled into the tortuous, hellish damnation of forever.
I have realized, there’s not a single simple explanation that fits, there is no exact religion, principle or belief that can super-describe; who, what, where, God is, if there is God, why we were created and when all these will end, where will the soul of man, if there is a soul that escapes the body in death, where will the souls transcend to, a muster point beyond here or nowhere. I have realized that going through it all, the mystery will unravel till my eyes close and opens on the other side if there is another side. I guess papa knows now what the truth here is.
I lost my father 10 weeks ago, or so it feels being human and feeling like a very vital part of me was stolen from me. If I however attempt to be critical about this, I’d say maybe it isn’t actually a loss if it is according to the divine defines of God, somehow if it fits into the grand master plan for my life, a plan I do not know of even till now, even after his demise. If all losses were actually parts of a grand scheme of things and we as humans have it all wrong all along, if here is actually where we haven’t actually been living and when we close our human eyes to the human death, we awake in a parallel universe, reborn as angels, or gods or even unicorns on the fringes of forever, peeking and raining pee on the mortals still herein.
I have realized there are things that the human mind cannot comprehend. Things that are too top-shelf for a dwarfish being as man. Things the scientist only hypothesize and the dreamer only fantasize about. There are things man must only infer is beyond him, things that are only acts of God, built on the knowledge of God and nothing except the sentient whims of Darwinism and the theorized evolution of things can cushion the confusion of man.
Thanks for always
Your son
Taiwo Oladele



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